DEALL Chinese MA students visit the Chinese Consulate in NY


DEALL Chinese MA students visit the Chinese Consulate in NY

November 30, 2015

Students from the 2015-2017 Advanced Chinese Language and Culture Program (aka Midwest UChina Flagship Program) were invited by the Chinese Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York City to attend the “Sino-US People-to-People Exchange Day” on November 13th, 2015.

Group photo of students at Chinese Consul, General Zhang Qiyue (in the middle)

Lydia SimonAt the event, students and diplomats spoke about their experiences studying Chinese language and culture. The night began with performances including OSU’s Lydia Simon, who sang a Chinese song (see photo). Following the performances, the Flagship students met with the Consul General, Zhang Qiyue, and other officials. The students introduced the research topics of their MA theses, which will be written and defended in Chinese. They explained their plans to study in China during academic year 2016-2017. They also discussed the importance of China-US relations in the future. The event marked the first of many opportunities for the ’15-’17 Flagship students to communicate with Chinese people about common goals and to discuss issues that are meaningful to both sides.