Lulei Su

Lulei Su

Lulei Su

Ph.D. Student

Areas of Expertise

  • Second Language Acquisition, Ethnography, Language Pedagogy



Lulei Su is currently a PhD student and a graduate teaching assistant in Chinese Language Pedagogy. He has been teaching Chinese language at various institutions and programs ever since 2000, such as Harvard University, Princeton-in-Beijing, Beloit College, IES, SYA, and so on. Lulei came to The Ohio State University in 2009 after receiving the University Fellowship. And he has been coordinating the Chinese Individualized Instruction between 2011-2013. He is very passionate about these research topics, such as second language acquisition, language socialization, and the interplay between culture, mind, and languages.

Presentation of Research Topics

2013.11           “Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk: Learners' Behavior in Chinese L2 Classroom”, will present at the Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA)

2013. 10          “’Conversation’ as Another Genre: an Empirical Study of Teacher-Student Talk in Chinese L2 Classroom”, presented at the New England Chinese Language Teachers’ Association (NECLTA)

2013. 4            “Tonal Production in Disyllabic Words by Adult Chinese L2 Learners: A Comparison with Mandarin-speaking Children”,presented at the Chinese Language Teachers' Association of South California (CLTA-SC) 

2013. 3            “Learning to Love:  Cultural Models in The Story of Oriole”, presented at Institute for Chinese Studies, Graduate Forum, The Ohio State University

2013. 3            “From Novice to Expert: A Preliminary Curriculum Design for Adult L2 Acquisition of Chinese”, presented at Chinese Language Teachers' Association of California (CLTAC)

2013. 2            “East Asian Languages”, lectured as guest speaker to 300 students at EALL 1231, The Ohio State University

2012. 10          “Intelligence to the Ears: Native Chinese Speakers’ Language Attitude towards Advanced Chinese L2 Learners”, presented at New England Chinese Language Teachers’ Association (NECLTA)

2012. 4            “A Pedagogical Perspective on Advanced L2 Learners’ Acquisition of Chinese Conceptual Metaphor”, presented at National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages (NCOLCTL)

- Nominated to the First Time Presenter Reward


2013. 10          “A book review for Second Language Classroom Research”, Journal of Chinese Language Teaching, in Chinese, Taipei, Taiwan.

2007. 9            “News, Faction, and Liberty of the Press: Exploration of 1735’s Zenger Case”, Journal of China University of Political Science and Law, in Chinese, Beijing, China.

2007. 6                        Writing and Truth: Formal Chinese Writing and Speaking (two-volume textbook), by Feng Shengli, Lulei Su, et al., Higher Education Press, Beijing, China.

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