Chinese Ph.D. Dissertations


Li, Yawei (Prof. Galal Walker) 2023
Socializing in Another Culture: Collaborative Improvisation in Evolving Contexts in East Asian Languages and Cultures.

Wang, Mengling (Prof. Meow Hui Goh) 2023
Medieval Anthologies in China: A Literary Network Analysis

Lin, Qingyang (Prof. Galal Walker) 2023
Domain Presentations in CFL: An Audience-oriented Approach.

Yang, Seo-Jin (Prof. Marjorie Chan) 2023
Language, Gender, and Identity: The Case of Sajiao Communication Style.


Liu, Wei (Prof. Mark Bender) 2022
The Confucian Revival as “Bloodline Memory”: Transmitting a Lineage Tradition in Contemporary Huizhou, China.


Shao, Wenyuan (Prof. Mark Bender) 2021
Unheard Voices and Alternative Pasts: Deciphering Chronicles of Southwest Yi and Its Layered Ranges of Significations.

De Grandis, Mario (Prof. Kirk Denton) 2021
Marking the Ethnic: The Sinophone Hui Literary Field in Post-1949 China.


Shi, Jia (Prof. Kirk Denton) 2020
Staying Connected: Border-Crossing Experimentation and Transmission in Contemporary Chinese Poetry.

Cornelius, Crista (Prof. Galal Walker) 2020
Preparing Teachers of Chinese as a Foreign Language for Emerging Education Markets

Wu, Zeyuan (Prof. Meow Hui Goh) 2020
Becoming Sages; Qin Song and Self-Cultivation in Late Imperial China.


Li, Cong (Prof. Galal Walker) 2018
Gamification in Foreign Language Education: Fundamentals for a Gamified Design of Institutional Programs for Chinese as a Foreign Language

Mu, Bing  (Prof. Xiaobin Jian) 2018
Constructing Intentions Across Cultures

Anoop, Yun  (Prof. Patricia Sieber) 2017
Modernity, Genre, and Narrative Experimentation in Yueyue xiaoshuo Short Stories, 1906-1909     

Tan, Yutian  (Prof. Marjorie Chan) 2017
Classifying Siyi Cantonese Using Quantitative Approaches

Jia, Junqing  (Prof. Galal Walker) 2017
Motivating Experiences in an Extended Chinese as a Foreign Language Learning Career: Identifying what sustains learners to advanced-skill levels

Fife, Kurt (Prof. Galal Walker) 2017
Military in Communication with China:  The Role of Chinese Language Trainig Programs in Shaping Future Capabilities

Wayne, Rachel (Prof. Galal Walker) 2017
Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Through the Strategic Use of Visualization: Exploring Neuroscience and Autism Spectrum Disorder Research to Guide Change in Chinese Language Education

Chai, Donglin  (Prof. Galal Walker) 2017
Paradigms of CFL in America, Concepts of Knowing East and West, and their Implications for Teacher Training at the College-Level 

Zhang, Xin  (Prof. Galal Walker) 2016
Four-Character Idioms in Advanced Spoken Chinese: Perception and Reaction of Native Speakers and A Pedagogy of C2 Expectations

Yang, Qiong (Prof. Kirk Denton) 2016
Mr. Science Goes Popular: Science as Imagined in Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature and Culture

Qin, Chen (Prof. Kirk Denton) 2016
The Others: Desire, Anxiety,  and the Politics of Chinese Horror Cinema (1989-2015)

Chen, Litong (Prof. Marjorie Chan) 2016
Dapeng Dialect: An Undocumented Cantonese-Hakka Mixed Language in Southern China

Wang, Jianfen (Prof. Galal Walker) 2016
An Ecology of Literacy: A Context-based Multi-disciplinary Curriculum for Chinese as a Foreign Language

Thurston, Timothy (Prof. Mark Bender) 2015
Laughter on the Grassland: A Diachronic Study of A mdo Tibetan Comedy and the Public Intellectual in Western China

Zeng, Zhini (Prof. Galal Walker) 2015
Demonstrate and Evaluate Expertise in Communicating in Chinese as a Foreign Language

Liu, Ying (Prof. Galal Walker) 2015
Understanding Readership: American Students’ Perceptions of Evidence in Chinese Persuasive Composition

Wiener, Seth (Prof. Marjorie Chan) 2015
The Representation, Organization and Access of Lexical Tone by Native and Nonnative Mandarin Speakers

He Man (Prof. Kirk Denton) 2015
Chinese Play-Making: Cosmopolitan Intellectuals, Transnational Stages, and Modern Drama, 1910s-1940s

You, Ziying (Prof. Mark Bender) 2015
Competing Traditions: Village Temple Rivalries, Social Actors, and Contested Narratives in Contemporary China

Li, Mengjun (Prof. Patrica Sieber) 2014
In the Name of A Love Story: Scholar-Beauty Novel and the Writing of Genre Fiction in Qing China (1644-1911)

Yang, Jia (prof. Galal Walker) 2014
Towards a Pedagogy of Conventional Expressions in Chinese Culture

Gibbs, Levi (Prof. Mark Bender) 2013
Song King: Tradition, Social Change, and the Contemporary Art of a Northern Shaanxi Folksinger

Liao, Haohsiang (Prof. Galal Walker) 2013
 “Face” as Cultural Performance in China: Cases of Requesting and Declining.

Meng, Nan (Prof. Galal Walker) 2012
Chinese Cultural Themes and Cultural Development: From a Family Pedagogy to a Performance-based Pedagogy of a Foreign Language and Culture
Lee, Peace (Prof. Mark Bender) 2011
Contested Stories: Constructing Chaoxianzu Identity
Chen, Guangyan (Prof. Galal Walker) 2011
Developing a Culture-Based Rating Criterion Model for Evaluating Oral Performances in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language 
Kang, Hana (Prof. Marjorie Chan) 2011
Paper-Based and Computer-Based Writing: A Study of Beginning and Intermediate Chinese Learners' Writing
Yang, Chunsheng (Prof. Marjorie Chan) 2011
The Acquisition of Mandarin Prosody by American Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL)
Qin, Xizhen (Prof. Galal Walker) 2011
Towards Understanding Misunderstanding in Cross-Cultural Communication: The Case of Chinese and American in Chinese Cultural Context
Zhang, Yongfang (Prof. Galal Walker) 2009
IPerformance-base Chinese L2 reading instruction: a Spiral Approach
Bao, Ying (Prof. Kirk Denton) 2008
In Search of Laughter in Maoist China: Chinese Comedy Film 1949-1966
Yan, Jing (Prof. Marjorie Chan) 2008
Social Variation of Vernacular Written Cantonese in Guangzhou (Canton City), China
McAloon Patrick (Galal Walker) 2008
Chinese at Work: Evaluating Advanced Language Use in China-Related Careers
Shepherd, Eric (Prof. Galal Walker) 2007
A Pedagogy of Culture Based on a Chinese Storytelling Tradition
Lee, Ok Joo (Prof. Marjorie Chan) 2005
The Prosody of Questions in Beijing Mandarin.
Lin, Huey Hannah (Prof. Marjorie Chan) 2005.
Contextualizing linguistic politeness in Chinese -- A socio-pragmatic approach with examples from persuasive sales talks in Taiwan Mandarin.
Noble, Jonathan (Prof. Xiaomei Chen) 2003
Cultural Performances in China: Beyond Resistance in the 1990s
Yu, Li (Prof. Galal Walker) 2003
A History of Reading in Late Imperial China, 1000-1800
Fung, Roxana Suk Yee (Prof. Marjorie Chan) 2000
Final Particles in Standard Cantonese: Semantic Extension and Pragmatic Inference
Wang, Jing (Prof. Xiaomei Chen) Summer, 2000
Strategies of Modern Chinese Women Writers' Autobiography


Yu, Hongyuan (Prof. Kirk Denton and Patricia Sieber) 1999
Xiaoshuo as Cultural discourse: The Shuihu zhuan and its Commentaries
Chao, Fang-yi (Profs. Yan-shuan Lao and Frank Hsueh) Summer 1998
The Sound System of the Qieyun: A Phonemic Interpretation
Kaldis, Nicholas (Prof. Kirk Denton) 1998
The Prose Poem and Aesthetic Insight: Lu Xun's 'Yecao'
Bai, Di (Prof. Kirk Denton) 1997
A Feminist Brave New World: The Cultural Revolution Model Theater Revisited
He, Dajiang (Prof. Yan-Shuan Lao) 1997
Su Shi: Pluralistic View of Values and 'Making Poetry Out of Prose'
Rouzer, John (Jack) (Prof. James Tai) 1997
Ontological Metaphor in Chinese Syntax
Wu, Sue-mei (Profs. Yan-Shuan Lao and Frank Hsueh) 1997
The Coverbs In Classical Chinese
Foster, Paul Brendan (Prof. Kirk Denton) 1996
Lu Xun, Ah Q, 'The True Story of Ah Q' and the National Character Discourse in Modern China
Li, Minru (Prof. David Ch'en) 1996
A Classical Chinese Perspective of Literature: Liu Xie's Theory of "Wenxin"
Jin, Shunde (Prof. Marjorie Chan) 1996
An Acoustic Study of Sentence Stress in Mandarin Chinese
Tang, Jian (Prof. Marjorie Chan) 1996
Prototypes in Lesser Seal Scripts (China, ca. 221 BC - AD 220)
Wu, Xiaoqi (Prof. James Tai) 1996
Zai, Dao, and Gei Constructions -- A Study of Chinese Word Order
Bender, Mark (Prof. Timothy Wong) 1995
Zaisheng Yuan and Meng Lijun: Performance, Context, and Form of Two Tanci
Chen, Chun-Chi (Prof. Yan-Shuan Lao) 1995
Politics and the Novel: A Study of Liang Ch'i-Chao's Future of New China and His Views on Fiction
Hu, Wenze (Prof. James Tai) 1995
Functional Perspectives and Chinese Word Order
Xu, Gang (Prof. Yan-shuan Lao) 1995
The Past is Eternal: Chinese Pan-Historicism as Manifested in Poetry on History
Christensen, Matthew Bruce (Prof. James Tai) 1994
Variation in Spoken and Written Mandarin Narrative Discourse
Liao, Rongrong (Prof. Marjorie Chan) 1994
Pitch Contour Formation in Mandarin Chinese: A Study of Tone and Intonation
Lidaka, Sherry (Prof. Yan-Shuan Lao) 1994
Gentleman's Perscriptions for Women's Lives: Liu Hsiang's the Biographies of Women and Its Influence on the "Biographies of Women" Chapters in Early Chinese Dynastic Histories
Shi, Jianguo (Prof. Frank Hsueh) 1994
The Shuyang Dialect: A Study in its Historical Evolution
Wang, Lianqing (Prof. James Tai) 1994
Origin and Development of Classifiers in Chinese
Tang, Yanfang (Prof. David Ch'en) 1993
Mind and Manifestation: The Intuitive Art (Miaomu) of Traditional Chinese Poetry and Poetics
Chiang, Mien-Hwa (Prof. James Tai) 1992
A Study of Anaphora in Chinese Recipe Discourse
He, Baozhang (Prof. James Tai) 1992
Situation Types and Aspectual Classes of Verbs in Mandarin Chinese
Jian, Xiaobin (Prof. Timothy Wong) 1992
Spatialization in the Shiji
Chen, Ai-Li (Prof. Tien-Yi Li) 1991
The Search for Cultural Identity: Taiwan "Hsiang-T'u" Literature in the Seventies
Han, Yuan (Prof. Frank Hsueh) 1991
The Language of Newspaper Advertising in Chinese
Liu, Ch'eng-hui (Prof. Frank Hsueh) 1991
Nouns, Nominalization and Denominalization in Classical Chinese: A Study Based on Mencius and Zuozhuan
Matthews, Josephine A. (Prof. Tien-yi Li) 1991
Artistry and Authenticity: Zhao Shuli and His Fictional World
Miracle, Charles (Prof. James Tai) 1991
Discourse Markers in Mandarin Chinese
Bourgerie, Dana (Prof. James Tai) 1990
A Quantitative Study of Socialinguistic Variation in Cantonese
McGinnis, Scott Gary (Prof. James Tai) 1990
A Pragmatic Analysis of Mandarin Interrogatives: Data from Modern Taiwan Drama


Kim, Youngman (Prof. Frank Hsueh) 1989
Middle Mandarin Phonology: A Study Based on Korean Data
Sergent, Wallace (Prof. James Tai) 1989
A Study of the Oral Reading Strategies of Advanced and Highly Advanced Second Language Readers of Chinese
Chou, Shizhen (Prof. Frank Hsueh) 1988
Hongwu Zhengyun: Its Relation to the Nanjing Dialect and Its Impact on Standard Mandarin
Jagacinski, Ngampit (Prof. Frank Hsueh) 1987
Tai Lue of Xishuanebanna in China's Yunnan Province: Description and a Study of the OV Order in the Pau Construction
King, Brian (Prof. James Tai) 1987
The Structure of Emotional Experience in Chinese
Hsu, Wan-hua W. Tung (Prof. Tien-yi Li) 1984
A Study of Four Historical Pien-Wen Stories
Tung, Wan-Hua ((Prof. Tien-Yi Li) 1984
A Study of Four Historical Pien-Wen Stories


Adkins, Curtis (Prof. David Ch'en) 1976
The Supernatural in T'ang Ch'uan-Ch'i Tales: An Archetypal View
Wong, Wai-leung (Prof. David Ch'en) 1976
Chinese Impressionistic Criticism: A Study of the Poetry-Talk (Shih-Hua Tz'u-Hua) Tradition
Chin, Chen-Oi (Prof. Tien-Yi Li) 1974
Evalution of the Theme of Tou E Yuan
Lloyd, Alicia (Prof. David Ch'en) 1974
A Rhetorical Analysis of the Tao-Te-Ching: Some Taoist Figures of Speech
Liang, I-cheng (Prof. Tien-yi Li) 1973
Hsu Wei (1521-1593): His Life and Literary Works
Chan, Ping-leung (Prof. Tien-Yi Li) 1972
Ch'u Tz'u and Shamanism in Ancient China