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Print Culture and Media Studies


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Faculty Working in this Area: Kirk DentonMeow Hui Goh, Christopher Reed (History), Patricia SieberRichard Torrance

From manuscripts in medieval China, to late imperial Chinese books, literary societies and journals in Republican China, reading and literacy in Meiji Japan, to contemporary PRC Internet culture, DEALL faculty work on various media used for literary production and expression in East Asia. Department of History faculty

Gutenberg in Shanghai book cover; University of British Columbia Press website

member Christopher Reed specializes in the print capitalism of the late Qing and Republican eras in China and complements the work of DEALL faculty in this area. 

Meow Hui Goh’s research focuses on the Chinese medieval period, a time before the arrival of print. She is particularly interested in the phenomena of textual referencing, textual circulation, and textual transmission within the larger manuscript culture. The notion of text is a central issue of her current research

Literary Societies of Republican China; Rowman and Littlefield publishers website

project. She also offers graduate-level courses on the manuscript culture of early medieval China.

Richard Torrance has completed studies on the intersection and interdependence of literacy, literature, and publishing in Japan’s Izumo and Osaka regions from the 1890s to 1945.

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