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General Information

Intro to Majors & Minors / Language Placement / Declaring a Major/Minor / Graduation with Distinction / Honors

Introduction to Majors and Minors

The Department offers the Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree. Courses that it offers cover the languages, cultures, literatures, and linguistics of China, Japan, and Korea. Courses taught in English introduce students from many disciplines to the cultures, philosophy, and literatures of these countries. Courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean enable students to progress from an elementary working knowledge of either language to an oral and written fluency. Once students have mastered basic patterns of speech and grammar, they are introduced gradually to the unique writing systems of the languages.

Placement and Proficiency Examinations

Contact us if interested in scheduling examinations for purposes of placement or proficiency credit in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean..

Declaring a Major/Minor

Instructions to hope you to declare a major or a minor in Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

Graduation With Distinction

Graduating with Distinction involves completion of a set of basic requirements with a selection of options available for completion of the advanced requirements for the major. Basic and Advanced requirements are outlined..

Honors Program

Students wishing to pursue a more academically rigorous and challenging program of study may enroll in the Honors Program as an honors student in the Chinese Major Program, or as an honors student in the Japanese Major Program.