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East Asian Minor Program

The minor in East Asian consists of a set of prerequisites and 20 hours of course work beyond the stated prerequisites. The purpose of the prerequisites is to give students a language and fundamental culture basis upon which to build an understanding of East Asia. Selections of courses are to be made with the advice and counsel of a faculty adviser, and students should be aware that not all of the courses that are available for the minor are offered every year, so that early and careful planning are advised.No more than 6 of the credit hours required for the minor can be transfer credits.

Prerequisites: (15 credit hrs.)

C/J/K1101, C/J/K1102, C/J/K1103, E1231

Requirements: (15 credit hrs.)

  1. CULTURE: C2231 or C2232; J2231; and K2231 (9 credits)
  2. ELECTIVES: (2 courses for a minimum of 6 credits)
    6 credits of other culture, literature, and linguistics courses in East Asian, Chinese,Japanese, and Korean at 3000 level andabove.

    NOTE: Students in this minor must have their minor program approved by the Undergraduate Director.

Declaring a Minor

To declare a minor, you should meet with Thomas Beyl (beyl.1@osu.edu) in Hagerty 355, and/or,  download a Minor Program Form [pdf], complete it electronically, and submit it to Thomas Beyl by email attachment. Be sure to save the form on to your desktop BEFORE you begin filling it in.

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