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The Department offers a varied program in the language and culture of China. In addition to five levels of Chinese (Mandarin) language, two semesters of Classical Chinese, and the possibility of a combined BA/BS degree with the Chinese Flagship MA program,  faculty teach a range of courses from introductions to Chinese culture, literature in translation, and linguistics to film and media.

Chinese Language at OSU

The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (DEALL) at The Ohio State University offers a varied program in Chinese (Mandarin) language. Under the directorship of Professor Galal Walker, DEALL's Chinese Language Program is nationally recognized for the quality of its language instruction. Information on scholarships and financial aid is available from our university's East Asian Studies Center.

The Chinese Language Program includes 5 levels of instruction in as many as 3 formats: Individualized Instruction, Intensive classroom, and Regular classroom (five hours per week). In addition to the information below on our program, see also the Aims, Procedures, and Policy concerning Chinese Language Study at DEALL. For more detailed information on our Chinese language courses and on the Chinese Individualized Instruction program -- and our Summer Programs East Asian Concentration (SPEAC) -- see the home page for Chinese language courses that are offered during the current academic year, with links to course pages where applicable.  If you have any questions regarding Chinese language courses, please contact Mr. Knicely via email at knicely.1@osu.edu.

For more information on the objectives, procedures, and grading of the Chinese language program, go to the Chinese Language at OSU: Means and Objectives page.


First Level (C1101-1102 [4 cr each]: Individualized, Distance, Intensive, Regular). You are introduced to basic conversational Mandarin. By the end of the level you will be able to converse on personal matters and will be familiar with the foundations of the Chinese writing system.


Regular Track

Second Level (AU C1103 [4 cr]: Regular, Individualized; 2102 [5 cr]: Regular).  You continue to develop skills in conversational and written Mandarin, to practice giving oral presentations and write compositions, and to discuss and narrate Chinese films.
Third Level (AU C4101, SP 4102 [5 cr ea]: Regular).  You further develop proficiency in all skill areas, produce more sophisticated oral presentations and written compositions, read increasingly formal texts, and discuss and narrate Chinese films.  NOTE:  Regular second-level courses will not be offered beginning in the 2019-2020 academic year and regular third-level courses will not be offered beginning in the 2020-2021 academic year.  1103.51 will still be offered in individualized instruction.

Intensive Track

Spoken track (AU 2141 [4 cr], SP 4142 [5 cr]: Intensive). You continue to develop conversational skills through textbook dialogues and films. You will learn to engage in extended conversations and narrations of events, and to make presentations in Chinese on assigned topics.
Written track (AU 2151 [4 cr], SP 4152 [5 cr]: Intensive; Individualized). Starting from the ability to read and write what you can speak and comprehend, you will steadily develop the capacity to read from Chinese publications and to compose descriptive narrations, as well as personal and professional communications.


Fourth Level (C5101-5102 [3 cr ea]: Individualized, Intensive Study Abroad). You move away from language textbooks into original Chinese texts, films, and TV shows. Emphasis is placed on developing a high level of reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension, and on greater sophistication in utilizing appropriate discourse strategies.
Fifth Level (C5103-5104 [3 cr ea]: Regular). Focuses on the novel Chun Cao by Qiu Shanshan. You use all four skills while engaging with a complete piece of Chinese narrative.
Classical Chinese (C5111-5112 [3 cr ea]: Regular). DEALL offers one year of classical Chinese.  You learn to read passages from Confucian texts, prose essays, and classical poetry.

Intensive Chinese

In the summer, intensive fourth- and fifth-level courses are offered in China, and lower-level courses may be offered in Columbus (check with the Department).

Individualized Instruction

You can pursue the study of Chinese on a self-paced, one-to-one teacher/student basis in individualized instruction 1101.51-1103.51 and 2151.51-4152.51, 5101.51-5102.51, and 5105.51-5106.51. Students who already speak Mandarin and who wish to learn to read and write it are accommodated in a special track in individualized instruction. We frequently offer some evening and/or weekend appointments for persons with full-time jobs or other time conflicts which prevent them from taking Chinese in the classroom. For students already enrolled in II and wishing to change the number of credits they are signed for, here's a link to the Credit Hour Adjustment form [pdf].

Flagship MA Program

The Flagship program at OSU leads to an MA in advanced Chinese language and culture.  This advanced-level instruction is available to qualified undergraduates as a combined BA/BS plus MA degree program. It is designed to train participants to function professionally in Chinese cultural contexts.  During the first year of enrollment students take a series of courses at OSU (C7615, 6194/7617, 7650, 7655, 7660, 7670, 7671, 7672).  These are three-credit content courses on various topics taught in Chinese. Qualified undergraduate and graduate students not officially enrolled in the Flagship program may also take these courses separately.  The second year is spent in China in further training and research in a specific domain of the student’s choosing.  For more information on the Flagship program, contact Prof. Galal Walker at walker.17@osu.edu.

Study Abroad

DEALL offers various opportunities for summer or extended study and practice in the People’s Republic of China, including post-first-level instruction, fourth-level courses, and internships in Chinese businesses and agencies. Please contact the Department for further information.

Students' Comments

"Upon starting my first quarter in Chinese, I immediately realized the intensity of learning going on in this class. It's challenging but at the same time, the teachers don't let any of the students fall behind. They give no choice to students but to learn what's going on, and nothing is ever overlooked. One of the best aspects of these classes is that they are held every day, and consist of only about an average of twelve students. . . I really feel like I'm making great leaps in this language that previously, I had no experience with."

"Overall, I am impressed with the way this university chooses to teach this language. . . I am excited to continue learning Chinese at Ohio State until I graduate. . ."

"I've found all the Chinese courses I've taken so far to be fun, interesting, and fulfilling."

Chinese Major Program

B.A. Degree in Chinese

The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures offers an undergraduate major in Chinese. The major program includes studies in language, literature and linguistics. Any given course can count only toward the fulfillment of one category requirement, even if the course appears as an option in more than one category.

Prerequisites: (15 credit hrs.)

1101 (4), 1102 (4), 1103/2141 (4), 2231/2232 (3)

Requirements: (33 credit hrs.)

A. LANGUAGE (18 credit hrs.)
2102/2151 (5), 4101/4142 (5), 4102/4152 (5), 5111 (3)

B. LITERATURE (6 credit hrs.)
2451, 4401, 4402, 4403, 4404, 4407, 5400, 5411, 5474,
*6451, *6452, *6453; EALL3457

C. ADVANCED STUDIES (2 courses for a minimum of 6 credit hrs.)
Choice of 4193, 4301, 4302, 4380, 4381, 4383, 4401, 4402, 4403, 4404, 4405,
4406, 4407, 4998, 4999, 5112, 5101, 5102, 5103, 5104,
5105, 5106, 5380, 5381, 5389, 5400, 5411, 5474, 5490, *6451, *6452,
*6453, *7615, *7617

2283, EALL2284, EALL3223, EALL3241, EALL3299, EALL 3405, EALL3446, EALL3457, EALL 4200, EALL4407, EALL 5310, EALL5383, EALL5475, EALL5477; GEOG 5503; HISTORY3401, HISTORY3402, HISTORY3403, HISTORY3404, HISTORY3405, HISTORY3410; HISTART4810, HISTART4815, HISTART5812, HISTART5815, HISTART5816

All course are Chinese unless otherwise marked.

* Graduate courses that are open to undergraduate majors with the permission of the instructor.

Declaring a Major

To declare a major, you should schedule an appointment with Tommy Beyl in Hagerty 355 by calling 292-8485. If you are having difficulties scheduling an appointment please contact Tommy Beyl by E-mail at beyl.1@osu.

Chinese Minor

The minor in Chinese consists of 15 credit hours of prerequisites and 14 credit hours of required course work. The purpose of the prerequisites is to give students the linguistic and cultural foundations upon which to build an understanding of China. The courses beyond the prerequisites are intended to provide more substantial training in the Chinese language and further cultural understanding. Selections of courses are to be made with the advice and counsel of an adviser, and students should be aware that not all of the courses that are available for the minor are offered every year, so that early and careful planning is advised. No more than 6 of the credit hours required for the minor can be transfer credits.

Prerequistes: (15 credit hrs.)
Chinese 1101, 1102, 1103, or I.I. or SPEAC equivalents (C1101.51/1101.02, C1102.51/1102.02, C1103.51/2141.01/2141.02.); Chinese 2231 or 2232 

Requirements: (14 credit hrs.)

A. LANGUAGE: Chinese 2102 or 2151 (5 credit hrs.)

B. LITERATURE, LINGUISTICS (3 credit hrs): One of the following:                                                      Chinese: 2451, 4380, 4381, 4383, 4401, 4402, 4403, 4404, 4407, 5105.01 or 5105.51, 5106.01 or 5106.51, 5389, 5400, 5411, 5474 

C. ELECTIVES (6-10 credit hours): Must complete two full courses from the following: 2283, 4101, 4102, 4142.01 or 4142.02, 4152.01 or 4152.51, 4301, 4302, 4380, 4381, 4383, 4401, 4402, 4403, 4404, 4405, 4406, 4407, 5111, 5112, 5389, 5400, 5411, 5474, 5490; E5383; or other CH‐lang above Level Two.

NOTE: EM and Transfer Credit cannot be used for the elective category. 

* Graduate courses that can be taken by undergraduates with the permission of the instructor.

Declaring a Minor

To declare a minor, you should schedule an appointment with Tommy Beyl in Hagerty 355 by calling 292-8485. If you are having difficulties scheduling an appointment please contact Tommy Beyl by E-mail at beyl.1@osu.edu


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