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Study Abroad in China

Participants in this program will experience a diverse and dynamic mix of ethnic, rural and urban cultures in the historic and geographically varied region of southwest China. Students will gain first-hand insight into the diversity of China and how specific local cultures are affected by rapid social and environmental change. This program is specifically designed for first and second-year students of any major who are interested in learning more about the diverse cultures and global significance of China.
M.A. in Advanced Chinese Language and Culture Academic Year in China
Students in the Masters in Advanced Chinese Language and Culture spend their 2nd year of the program in China. Depending on the specific thesis project each student is working on, s/he will be enrolling in a relevant graduate program in a Chinese university to learn from and work with leading Chinese experts in the concerned domain.
This program offers intensive Chinese language instruction at three levels: 1+, 4 and 5. Particular emphasis is placed on developing appropriate cultural behavior, ability to perform effectively in frequently encountered cultural contexts and interpersonal communication skills. The program utilizes a community-based learning approach that requires participants to interact with locals in the Soochow area in meaningful ways. Each participant will have a Chinese language partner. Ninety percent of instruction is in Mandarin Chinese.