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Honors Program

Students wishing to pursue a more academically rigorous and challenging program of study may enroll in the Honors Program as an honors student in the Chinese Major Program, or as an honors student in the Japanese Major Program. Honors students who major in either Chinese or Japanese are expected, in conjunction with their advisor, to design a curriculum program that pushes the student to take courses well beyond the normal requirements of the major. For example, whereas a normal major is only required to complete three levels of the major language, an honors major might be asked to do four or even five levels. Honors majors are encouraged to take higher level courses, including courses aimed at graduate students. They are also encouraged to do individual research, particularly in the form of senior theses under the guidance of a DEALL faculty member. In short, the honors program has no specific requirements beyond the normal major program, except that it be designed with the general goal of academic rigor in mind.

To be an honors major in DEALL, the student must first meet the University's Criteria for Honors Affiliation. Honors students in DEALL are part of the Honors Program at The Ohio State University, and are eligible to apply for various scholarships to support their research, and well as apply for Honors housing on campus.

Chinese and Japanese majors interested in pursuing an honors program in DEALL should consult with Professor Pil Ho Kim (kim.2736@osu.edu), the Honors and Scholars Advisor, before planning their research program under the guidance of a DEALL faculty advisor.