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Faculty Working in this Area: Mark BenderNaomi FukumoriMeow Hui GohChan E. Park, Patricia Sieber

Working with what is arguably the largest heritage of poetry in human history, research interests of DEALL faculty cover traditions, styles, innovations, and movements in the poetry of China, Japan, and Korea. Faculty members approach the poetry of East Asia in a variety of ways, ranging from traditional oral poetry, to

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classical poetry, to modern poetry, and poetry of the Internet age. Translation is a key aspect of DEALL poetry research and publication. 

Faculty members working on poetry include Naomi Fukumori, who incorporates lyric poetry in her studies of medieval Japanese literature. Meow Hui Goh has published ground-breaking studies on sound and imagery in Six Dynasties Chinese poetry, significantly enhancing our understanding of this early phase of poetry in

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East Asia. Patricia Sieber is currently working on sanqu poetry. Mark Bender is interested in ethnic minority traditions of oral and written poetry, especially the works of Aku Wuwu, a Nuosu (Yi) poet who writes and performs in his native tongue. Chan Park has published a bilingual volume of poetry by contemporary Korean poet Kim Hyung-Young.


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