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Advanced Chinese Language and Culture (Flagship)

Flagship banner of The Ohio State University Midwest US-China Flagship Program
Ohio State University has a proven track record of producing high performing students in Chinese language and culture. We consistently graduate students with professional capabilities in Chinese who go on to careers in business and government or on to further professional education.  Our goal is to prepare Americans to work in Chinese. We have proven that with the proper training in Chinese language and culture, Americans of all backgrounds can reach the highest level of capabilities for building successful China-related careers.

The Midwest US-China Flagship at the Ohio State University is a two-year MA program for the advanced study of Chinese that prepares Americans to work in China-related careers.

Undergraduates at Ohio State are invited to apply for the MA program when they are in Fifth Level Chinese and are close to having 135 total credit hours on their transcripts. Undergraduate information can be found on the Chinese Flagship website.

Graduates from other universities who have already achieved upper-intermediate or advanced skill in Chinese are invited to apply for our lock-step 2-year MA program. More information can be found on the Graduate information section of the Chinese Flagship website.