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JJ NakayamaMineharu Nakayama, DEALL professor of Japanese linguistics, has just published 第二言語習得研究への誘い (An Invitation to Second Language Acquisition Research [], Kurosio Publishers, 2018), a coauthored volume written in Japanese with Noriko Yoshimura of the University of Shizuoka. The book includes 10 chapters discussing morphology, tense and aspect, pronouns and reflexives, WH, control, and raising constructions, story telling, prosody, and answering strategy in L2 acquisition of English and Japanese. It addresses and answers questions such as “Why does L2 acquisition face such issues?” and “How is such knowledge acquired during the course of L2 acquisition?” by providing theoretical explanations based on experimental results. The book is an outcome of the two researchers and their associates’ collaborative work over the past two decades, and offers a picture of cutting-edge research on L2 English and Japanese language acquisition.

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