DEALL fosters a culture of research and scholarly production among faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates. We feel strongly that research and teaching are closely intertwined, the one informing the other. We understand the production of "research" broadly to include conventional articles in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and academic books, but also translations, textbooks, journal editing, websites, performances, and other scholarly activities that are informed by theory and scholarship and that in turn influence scholarly fields. 

DEALL faculty work in the three disciplines of literature, linguistics, and language pedagogy and the following "research areas": early text, folkore and popular culture, language pedagogy, linguistics, modern culture studies, performance, poetry, print culture and media studies, and transcultural studies.

Graduate students are expected to present papers at conferences, and sometime work with faculty on publication projects or assisting on the production of journals. Undergraduates are encouraged to engage in original research under faculty supervision and to present their work at on-campus research forums.