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Study Abroad in Korea

DEALL has study-abroad relationships with the following universities in Korea. 
Ewha was founded by a Methodist missionary called Mary F. Scranton in 1886. Mrs. Scranton's first-year class consisted of a single student. While polite society mocked the idea of trying to teach females anything other than the art of serving husband and son, King Kojong gave the enterprise his blessing. It was King Kojong who named the school in 1887 as "Ewha," meaning "Pear Blossoms." Her original campus was covered with pear flowers, and many historians speculate that a grove of pear trees near the Scranton home inspired the naming.
The purpose of this exchange agreement is to provide international scholarship and research experiences for doctoral students in Educational Psychology at both institutions. The affiliation will create strong international networks among the future generations of scholars and facilitate the development of an international network of colleagues and potential research collaborators. Scholarly activities will include course enrollment in advanced seminars and additional curricular activities (e.g. visits to schools, educational agencies, and research laboratories.) The exchange agreement involves only the graduate students in the Department of Education within the College of Education at KU and the graduate students in the Department of Educational Studies within the College of Education and Human Ecology at OSU.
Sogang University is one of the leading liberal arts institutions in South Korea and was founded in 1960 following the Jesuit model of education. International students participating in the exchange program may register for courses offered in Korean or English up to 21 credits per semester. Although the main language of instruction is Korean, many courses are offered in English. A list of the courses can be found on the Office of International Affairs website. Exchange students are fully integrated into the regular programs with Korean students.
This university offers opportunities for college students to study and intern in Korea. The student internship is deemd as "Cultural and Language Ambassador," in which interns participate in individual and group meetings with Korean students for up to 15 hours per week and live with Korean students in specially designated dormitories. Exchange students can select classes on various topics in International Studies such as language, culture and history, politics and diplomacy, business and economics, Taekwondo and calligraphy.
This university's International Undergraduate Program offers sixty courses taught in English or Korean on East Asian society, culture, art, philosophy, history, politics, international relations, economics, business and Korean language. Special student activities include a Korean film series (with subtitles), Taekwondo sessions and classes in ceramics, bamboo flute, folk music, calligraphy and painting. A five-day field trip is optional.
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