SPEAC: Summer Programs in East Asian Concentration


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Intensive Languages Study:  June 6 (Monday) - July 29  (Friday), 2022


Chinese (not offered 2022)
Level I:  1101.02 (4 credits), 1102.02 (4 credits)
Level II:  2141.02 (4 credits), 4142.02 (5 credits)
PREREQUISITE:  Chinese 1102.01 or equivalent (See Placement Test section)

Japanese (offered 2022)
Level I:  1101.02 (4 credits), 1102.02 (4 credits)
Level II:  1103.02 (4 credits), 2102.02 (5 credits)
PREREQUISITE:  Japanese 1102.01 or equivalent (See Placement Test section)
Level IV:  5101.02 (3 credits), 5102.02 (3 credits)
PREREQUISITE:  Japanese 4102 or equivalent (See Placement Test section)

Korean (not offered 2022)
Level II:  1103.02 (4 credits), 2102.02 (5 credits)
PREREQUISITE:  Korean 1102.01 or equivalent (See Placement Test section)

For information on the Intensive Chinese Language Study in Suzhou, China, please refer to the Chinese Flagship and the OIA website


Each course is equivalent in content to one semester of a regular-track language course. Each level consists of two courses, given sequentially.   Registration is expected for all levels.

Class Hours

Up to five hours of classes are scheduled between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm daily.  "ACT" hours provide opportunities to perform in the target language; "FACT" hours use English to provide explanations about the language and culture.

Accelerate Your Learning

OSU offers intensive courses (10 class hours per week) at the intermediate level during the regular academic year.  A student may combine this with two consecutive summers of SPEAC to reach the proficiency level normally attained through four years of study.  The intensive path is practical and efficient for the study of Chinese and Japanese, which are more time consuming for American students to learn than many other languages.

Teacher Training (Chinese and Japanese): (Not offered in 2022)

Begining & Intermediate Level (10 Graduate Credits for credit option):  June 6 (Tuesday) to July 21 (Friday) 2017

SPEAC, Summer Programs East Asian Concentration, are offered by the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (DEALL), in collaboration with the OSU National East Asian Language Resource Center (NEALRC) and OSU East Asian Studies Center (EASC).  For more details, please visit Teacher Training.

Program Cost*

For non-credit option teacher training:

Beginning and Intermediate Level - $3800

Tuition for intensive language and credit option teacher training, varies depending on your status. For more information, please visit the Ohio State University Registrar website.

Please note the auditing is NOT available for intensive language program.

Tuition includes instructional and general fees, but does NOT include student health insurance, housing and meals, or course materials.

Application Deadlines

March 22 (T), 2022 for all OSU students.
March 4 (F), 2022 for non-OSU applicants.  Availability of courses is subject to enrollments and funding.  Early application is strongly encouraged.  Online application packets are available for download. (not available 2022). 

For 2022 application materials, please contact Kuwai.1@osu.edu

Note: Deadline for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is earlier than SPEAC deadline.

Placement Test

Applicants who do not have prerequisite OSU courses and wish to take SPEAC language courses at levels beyond level I must take a placement test upon admission to the program.  SPEAC will contact applicants who require placement testing to make arrangements.

Housing and Meals (update later)

Due to the current situation, there may be no on-campus housing available for Non-OSU applicants.

Campus housing is available for SPEAC participants on a limited basis; however, it is not required that participants live in University-provided campus housing.  The University offers several meal plan options from which to choose, though participants are not obligated to purchase a University meal plan.


Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures
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E-mail: kuwai.1@osu.edu