Japanese MA Theses




Yusa, Mayuko  (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama) 2018
Acquisition of Japanese Null Arguments by Second Language Learners

Stirek, Lindsey (Prof. Naomi Fukumori) 2017
Adjectives as an Element of Style in the Izumi Shikibu nikki

Lea, Michael (Prof. Charles Quinn) 2013
Indexing Distance and Deference as Performed Culture:  A review module for politeness types introduced in Japanese: The Spoken Language, Part 1

Bryant, William (Prof. Naomi Fukumori) 2012
What Master Masafusa Said: An Analysis of the Content and Rhetoric of the Gōdanshō

Bowman, Frederick (Professor J. Marshall Unger) 2011
Etymology, History, and Mythology in the Work of Christopher Beckwith
Yao, Kanako (Prof. Mari Noda) 2011
The Significance of Apology in Japanese Account Giving
Fuse, Naoki (Prof. Charles Quinn) 2010
Tokieda Motoki and his Theory of "Language as Process"
Ni, Yaohui (Prof. Shelley Quinn) 2010
Zeami's Treatment of Original Source Materials in Two Plays of His Late Period: The Examples of the No Plays Nue and Kinuta
Vorobiev, Artem (Prof. Richard Torrance) 2010
The Otherworldly Topography: Some Aspects of Space and Movement in Izumi Kyoka's Yuna notamashii.


Ondrake, Laura (Prof. Richard Torrance) 2009
Hirabayashi Taiko: Issues of Subjectivity in Japanese Women's Autobiography in Fiction
Goss, Seth (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama) 2009
Prosody and Reading Comprehension in L2 Japanese
Masumoto, Ayaka (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama) 2008
Overt Pronouns and Bound Variable Reading in L2 Japanese
Curtin, Karen (Prof. Charles Quinn) 2008
A New Look at Old Problems: Working Memory and Better Practices in Learning and Teaching Japanese Language
Oyama, Atsuko (Mari Noda) 2008
Japanese Native Speakers’ Attitude Towards Attention-Getting Ne of Intimacy in Relation to Japanese Femininities
Shelton, Abigail (Prof. Etsuyo Yuasa) 2007 
An Analysis of the Particle WA in Japanese Narrative Discourse.
Huang, Junliang (Prof. William Tyler) 2007 
Tachibana Sotoo: The Forgotten Writer From the "Outside"
Luft, Stephen (Prof. Mari Noda) 2007 
Language Classroom Risk-Taking Behavior in a Performed Culture-Based Program.
Kern, Chris (Prof. Naomi Fukumori) 2007 
The Narrative Structure of the Embedded Tales in the "Hahakigi" Chapter of the Genji Monogatari
Morioka, Hiroko (Prof. Etsuyo Yuasa) 2006
Corpus-Based Analysis of Verbal Noun Predicates
Leader-Hastorun, Francesca (Prof. William Tyler) 2006
Beauty and the Beast: Nostalgia, Consumption, and the Shojo in the Works of Yoshimoto Banana
Yu, Ying (Prof. Richard Torrance) 2005
An Introduction to Shibusauwa Tatsuhiko and His World of the Imagination
Kashiwagi, Akiko (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama) 2003
Case Deletion in Japanese as a Foreign Language
Sisley, Etsuko (Prof. Mari Noda) 2003
Itadaite and Kudasatte in Expressions of Gratitude: Analysis and Pedagogical Implications
Inamoto, Masako (Prof. Richard Torrance) 2002
Reconstruction of Childhood in Naka Kansuke's Gin No Saji
Yamamoto, Hiroshi (Prof. Mari Noda) 2002
Native Speakers' Evaluation of Nonnative Speakers' Utterances Containing Intra-Prosodic Errors in Japanese
Li, Minggang (Prof. Richard Torrance) 2001
Kikuchi Kan's Literary Ideas and Practice
Sakurai, Yuki (Prof. Mari Noda) 2001
Conflict Negotiation as an Interactional Process: Starting and Ending the Performance of Conflict Negotiation in Japanese
Kato, Michiko (Prof. Mari Noda) 2000
Teaching teh Concept of Tatemae to English-Speakers


Hobbs, Ayanna (Prof. Richard Torrance) 1999
Phallic Power of African American Men: A Study in Japanese Literature (1930-Present)
Kumakura, Akihiko (Prof. Charles Quinn) 1999
An Analysis of the Evolution of Japanese Waka Poetics in the Heian Period: Transformation from Private to Public
Nagatomi, Ayumi (Prof. Mari Noda) 1999
Pedagogical Implications of Negative Questions in Japanese
Matsumura, Misako (Prof. William Tyler) 1998
Abe Tomoji: Japanese Modernist Novelist as Social Critic and Humanist, The Early Years (1925-1936)
Savas, Minae (Prof. Shelley Quinn) Autumn 1998
The Image of the Yujo (Japanese Prostitute/Entertainer in a Selection of Medieval Texts with a Focus on the No Play Eguchi
Angles, Jeffrey (Prof. William Tyler) 1997
Poésie, Penisism, and the Great Beyond: The Longer, Early Works of Takahashi Mutsuo
Filler, Stephen (Prof. Richard Torrance) 1997
Hasegawa Nyozekan: The Pedagogical Value of Fiction for a Political Philosopher
Onoe, Atsushi (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama) 1997
Functions of Ne and Its Uses By Learners
Shibata, Chihaya (Prof. Charles Quinn) 1997
A Honorific Predication In Early Middle Japanese: A Critical Survey With Examples From the Ookagami
Suzuki, Misako (Prof. Charles Quinn) 1997
Refusing Requests in Japanese: Analysis and Pedagogical Implications
Tangeman, Michael (Prof. William Tyler) 1997
Altered Perception in the Modernist Fiction of Edogawa Ranpo
Tsujimoto, Yoko (Prof. Charles Quinn) 1997
A Unified Account of the Japanese Demonstratives Ko-, So-, And A-
Yip, Shing Chi (Leo) (Prof. Shelley Quinn) 1997
China to Japan, Zeami to Zenchiku: A Study of the Noh Play Yokihi
Eda, Sanae (Prof. Mari Noda) 1996
A Synthesis of Memory Theories and Pedagogy: Teaching Pronunciation in Japanese as a Foreign Language
Itomitsu, Masayuki (Prof. Mari Noda) 1996
Developing Japanese Skills Test: Theoretical Framework for a Standardized Proficiency Test
Omori, Kyoko (Prof. William Tyler) 1996
Problems in English Translation of Japanese Literature: A Study of Natsume Soseki's Botchan and Kokoro
Terashima, Misako (Prof. Mari Noda) 1996
The Perceived Strengths and Weaknesses of Base-Native and Target-Native Japanese Language Teachers: Compensating for Weaknesses
Yamaguchi, Asako (Prof. Mari Noda) 1996
Meeting the Demand for Advanced Japanese: Designing Curricula for Advanced Learners of Japanese
Arlauckas, Regina (Prof. Mari Noda) 1995
Guidelines for the Evaluation and Development of Computer Delivered Instruction for the Japanese Language
Mannion, Patrick (Prof. Richard Torrance) 1995
A Quest for Spiritual Fulfillment by a Modern Japanese Writer/Playwright: Kurata Hyakuzo and Japanese Religion
Rice, Martha (Prof. Richard Torrance) 1995
Murakami Haruki: The Problem of Genre
Takahashi, Sonoko (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama) 1995
On the Interrogative Marker KA in Japanese
Williams, Junko Ikezu (Prof. William Tyler) 1994
Aeroplanes, Bodhisattvas, and Boys: Fragments from the Modernist Prose of Inagaki Taruho
Morii, Azusa (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama) 1993
The Acquisition of NI by Japanese Children
Wright, Margaret Zollinger (Prof. Richard Torrance) 1993
Nagai Kafu Discovers America
Yoon, Kyungah (Prof. Mari Noda) 1993
Japanese and Korean Donatory Verbs: A Functional Analysis for Teaching Japanese to Korean Students
Zheng, Guohe (Prof. Shelley Quinn) 1993
Source Material for a Noh Play: Zeami's Theory and Practice
Kawabe, Jun (Prof. Mari Noda) 1992
Listener's Role and Conversational Strategies in Japanese Discourse: An Analysis of Repetition
Langton, Scott Charles (Prof. Richard Torrance) 1992
The Works of Nakajima Atsushi: War is War and Literature is Literature
Okutsu, Yuko (Prof. Yoshiko Matsumoto) 1992
Functions of Yahari/Yappari
Sadakane, Kumi Joy (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama) 1992
On the Nature of NI
Hitchcock, Lori (Prof. James Morita) 1991
The Works of Akutagawa Ryunosuki: Lectures on Poe and Their Applications
Hoshino, Takane (Prof. Mari Noda) 1991
An Analysis of HOSII in Modern Spoken Japanese
Inden, Kumiko (Prof. James Morita) 1991
Tanizaki Jun'Ichiro's Search for Mother
Kagaya, Shinko (Prof. Shelley Quinn) 1991
The Creation of the Central Image in the Course of a No Performance
Koizumi, Masatoshi (Prof. Shigeru Miyagawa) 1991
Syntax of Adjuncts and the Phrase Structure of Japanese
Minami, Aiko (Prof. Richard Torrance) 1991
MURO SAISEI The Evolution of a Lyrical Poet
Takahashi, Kenji (Prof. Richard Torrance) 1991
The Development of Takahama Kyoshi's Sketch-from-Life Prose
Uchida, Yoshiko (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama) 1991
Verbal Noun Constructions in Japanese
Horii, Kasumi (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama) 1990
GA/NO Conversion and Japanese Sentence Processing
Kawamura, Madoka (Prof. James Morita) 1990
Japanese Influence on American Children's Literature: 1880-1989
Ogino, Megumi (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama) 1990
An Analysis of SAE
Reider, Noriko (Prof. Shelley Quinn) 1990
Evolution of the Jo-Ha-Kyu Principle in Zeami's Theatre


Butler, Hiroko (Prof. Shigeru Miyagawa) 1989
Bridge & Non-Bridge Verb Asymmetries in Japanese
Kataoka, Yukio (Prof. Charles Quinn) 1989
Toward Japanese Spoken Narrative
Nishimura-Valentine, Naomi (Prof. Leon Serafim) 1989
Omoro: the Correlation of Structure and Tune in an Ancient Ryukyuan Song Form
Okada, Hisami (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama) 1989
Analysis of Two Types of Potential Construction in Japanese
Ray, Yuko (Prof. Charles Quinn) 1989
Unity in Variety: Family Resemblance in the Use of Japanese NO
Tokashiki, Kyoko (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama) 1989
On Japanese Coordinate Structures: An Investigation Structurel Differences Between the -I Form
Fujita, Naoya (Prof. Shigeru Miyagawa) 1988
The Genitive Subject in Japanese and Universal Grammar
Fukuda, Akira (Prof. Charles Quinn) 1988
Syntactic Placement of Japanese Mimetic Words as Adjectival Nouns and Deaccentuation
Ogawa, Takashi (Prof. Gary Ebersole) 1988
Chronological and Retroactive Intertextuality in The Tale of The Heike and Zeami's "Tadanori"
Osawa, Yumiko (Prof. Leon Serafim) 1988
The Usage of the Japanese First-Person Pronominals in Modern Fiction
Takeda, Fumiko (Prof. Gary Ebersole) 1988
Utamakura in the Narrow Road to the Deep North
Moore, Sara (Prof. James Morita) 1987
Ideal Collaboration in "The Life of Gusco Budori": The Relationship Between Religion and Science in Kenji's Ideology
Nakamura, Mari (Prof. Shigeru Miyagawa) 1987
Some Observations on Antecedent-Consequent Constructions in Japanese: A Pragmatic Study of KARA and NO DE
Nemoto, Naoko (Prof. Shigeru Miyagawa) 1987
The Parallelism Between Relativization and Thematization: A Study of the Arqument-Adjunct Distinction in Japanese
Oshiro, Tokiko (Prof. Serafim Leon) 1987
Aspects of Semantic Change in Honorific Verbs of the Okinawan Language
Scherzer, Caroline (Prof. Yung Hee Kwon) 1987
Setouchi Harumi: The Continuing Essay Tradition in Japanese Literature
Tanouchi, Aki (Prof. Gary Ebersole) 1987
The Renga Techniques and Their Effects in the Kanginshu
Yoshida, Tomoyuki (Prof. Shigeru Miyagawa) 1986
Morphology and Case Assignment in Japan
Zenno, Yasushi (Prof. Shigeru Miyagawa) 1985
The Paradigmatic Structure and Japanese Idioms
Smith, Akiko (Prof. Miles McElrath) 1984
The Homosexual Theme in Medieval Japanese Fiction with an Annotated Translation of a Representative Tale: Toribeyama Monogatari
Talcroft, Colin (Prof. James Morita) 1984
The Same Melody in Another Key: The Metamorphosis of Ideas in the Short Stories and Major Novels of Abe Kobo
Kato, Miyoko (Prof. James Morita) 1983
A Study of A Night on the Galaxy Railway as a Fantasy
Aikawa, Takako (Prof. Shigeru Miyagawa) 1982
The Prenominal Modifier Construction in Japanese


LaCure, Jon (Prof. James Morita) 1977
"Machine", "Bird", and "Time", A Critical Analysis of Three Short Stories from Yokomitsu Riichi's Shinshinri Shugi Period