Japanese Ph.D. Dissertations


Ying Zhang (Professor Mari Noda) 2022
Going Beyond Words: 'Request' Activities in Constructing Japanese Workplace Personae

Lindsey Stirek (Professor Naomi Fukumori) 2022
Manga Afterlives of Ogura hyakunin isshu: The Case of Chihayafuru.


John Bundschuh (Professor Charles Quinn) 2021
Tense, Aspect, and Modality in the Creation of Narrative Structure: Early Heian Japanese Translations of Sinitic Buddhist Texts.


Hannah Dahlberg-Dodd  (Professor Charles Quinn) 2019
Social Meaning in Virtual Space: Sentence-final expressions in the Japanese popular mediascape

Mason, Thomas  (Profs. Xiaobin Jian, Mari Noda) 2019
An Analysis of the Decline in Long-Term Study abroad Participation Among Students at Elite U.S. Universities, with a Focus on Japan

Tobaru, Hiromi (Professor Mari Noda) 2019
Style Shifting and Social Network Development during Education Abroad Programs in Japan.

Nozaki, Saori (Professor Etsuyo Yuasa) 2019
Japanese Lexicalization Patterns of Motion Events and its Acquisition of Advanced-level English-speaking Learners of Japanese.


Shelton, Abby (Professor Mari Noda) 2018 
Japanese native perceptions of the facial expressions of American learners of L2 Japanese in specified contexts.

Del Greco, Robert (Professor Richard Torrance) 2018 
Democratic Korea: Expatriate Koreans in Japan Write Against Empire.

Yi, Yongfei (Professor Richard Torrance) 2018
Building a Literary Bridge and Reconstructing Culture in Postwar Japan: Takeda Taijun and His Chūgoku Mono (China-related Writings)


Yao, Kanako (Professor Mari Noda) 2017
Effectiveness of Excuses in Japanese Business Context: Accounts as Conflict-Management Strategies

Vorobiev, Artem (Professor Richard Torrance) 2017
The Literature of Shibata Renzaburō and a New Perspective on Nihilism in Postwar Japan, 1945 – 1978


Curtin, Karen (Professor Mari Noda) 2016
Negotiating politeness in PCA Intermediate Japanese language classes: A microethnographic constructionist exploration of Japanese politeness behaviors

Tsuchiya, Shinsuke (Professor Charles Quinn) 2016
Perceptions of Native and Nonnative Speakers and Observational Analysis of “Divergent” Japanese Language Teachers in Context

Francis-Ratte, Alexander (Professor Charles Quinn, Professor James M Unger) 2016
Proto-Korean-Japanese: A New Reconstruction of the Common Origin of the Japanese and Korean Languages


Goss, Seth (Professor. JJ Nakayama) 2015
The Effects of Internal and Experience-Based Factors on the Perception of Lexical Pitch Accent by Native and Nonnative Japanese Listeners
Pimental, Carlos (Professor. JJ Nakayama) 2014
Pronominal Interpretations in L2 Japanese
Kern, Chris (Professor Naomi Fukumori) 2014
Changing Perspectives ion a Classic: Pre-Modern Commentaries on the First Chapter of the Tale of Genji
Luft, Stephen (Professor Mari Noda) 2014
Form-focus and meaning-focus in Japanese language learners’ out-of-class study in a program that uses the performed culture approach 
Kashiwagi, Akiko (Professor JJ Nakayama) 2011
Processing Relative Clauses in First and Second Language: A Case Study
Inamoto, Masako (Professor Richard Torrance) 2010
Insignificance Given Meaning: The Literature of Kita Morio


Yu, Ying (Prof. Richard Torrance) 2010
The Fantastic in the 1960's and 1970's: The Idea of Subversion and an Exploration of Style
Itomitsu, Masayuki (Prof. Mari Noda) 2009
Developing a Test of Pragmatics of Japanese as a Foreign Language
Chino, Noriko (Prof. Richard Torrance) 2009
Miyabe Miyuki’s Place in the Development of Japanese Mystery Fiction
Savas, Minae (Prof. Shelley Quinn) 2008
Feminine Madness in the Japanese Noh Theatre
Li, Minggang (Prof. Richard Torrance) 2008
The Early Years of Bungei Shunju and the Emergence of a Middlebrow Literature
Horn, Stephen (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama) 2008
Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics of Accusative: Quotative Constructions in Japanese
Ananth, Priya (Prof. Mari Noda) 2007 
Acquisition of Tense and Aspect in Toki "When" Clauses in Japanese as a Second/Foreign Language
Sawasaki, Koichi (Prof. Mineharu, Nakayama) 2007
L2 Reading by Learners of Japanese: a Comparison of Different L1s
Filler, Stephen (Prof. Richard Torrance) 2004
Chaos from Order: Anarchy and Anarchism in Modern Japanese Fiction, 1900-1930
Yip, Shing Chi (Leo) (Prof. Shelley Quinn) 2004
Reinventing China: Representations of the Other in the Japanese Noh Theatre.
Angles, Jeffrey (Prof. William Tyler) 2004
Writing the Love of Boys: Representations of Male-Male Desire in the Literature of Murayama Kaita and Edogawa Ranpo
Eda, Sanae (Prof. Mari Noda) 2004
Intonation Patterns in Japanese Aquisition by Native and Non-native Speakers
Omori, Kyoko (Prof. William Tyler) 2003
Detecting Japanese Vernacular Modernism: Shinseiner and the Development of Tantei Shosetsu, 1920-1931
Tangeman, Michael (Prof. William Tyler) 2002
The Early Fiction of Matsumoto Seicho: Detective Fiction as Social Critique
Hirata, Yu (Prof. Charles Quinn) 2001
Genitive Particles, Historical Change, and Grammar: Issues in Japanese and Broader Implications
Squires, Todd (Prof. Shelley Quinn) 2001
Reading the Kowaka-mai as Medieval Myth: Story-Patterns, Traditional Reference and Performance in Late Medieval Japan
Langton, Scott Charles (Prof. Richard Torrance) 2000
A Literature for the People: A Study of Jidai Shosetsu in Taisho and Early Showa Japan
Okutsu, Yuko (Prof. Charles Quinn) Summer, 2000
Requests Made by Learners of Japanese, with Native Comparisons: From a Pedagogical Perspective


Kagaya, Shinko (Prof. Shelley Quinn) 1999
No: The Emergent Reorientation of a Traditional Japanese Theater
Sode, Rumiko (Prof. Mineharu. Nakayama) 1999
On the so-called Small Clause Constructions in Japanese
Williams, Junko (Prof. William Tyler) Spring 1998
Visions and Narratives: Modernism in the Prose Works of Yoshiyuki Eisuke, Murayama Tomoyoshi, Yumeno Kyusaku, and Okamoto Kanoko
Reider, Noriko (Prof. Shelley Quinn) 1997
Ugetsu Monogatari, Kaidan, Akinari: An Examination of the Reality of the Supernatural in Eighteenth-Century Japan
Yotsukura, Lindsay (Prof. Charles Quinn) 1997
Reporting Problems and Offering Assistance in Japanese Business Transactional Telephone Conversations: Toward an Understanding of a Spoken Genre
Zheng, Guohe (Prof. William Tyler) 1997
From Patriotism to Imperialism: A Study of the Political Ideals of 'Kajin no Kigu' A Meiji Political Novel
Warnick, Paul J. (Prof. Mari Noda) 1996
A Phenomenology of Reading Performances: Reading Japanese as a Foreign Language.
Butler, Hiroko Yamashita (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama) 1994
Processing of Japanese and Korean
Aikawa, Takako (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama) 1993
Reflexivity in Japane and LF-Analysis of ZIBUN-Binding