The 8th annual DEALL Undergraduate Research Forum

April 12, 2013




The 8th annual DEALL Undergraduate Research Forum was held on the afternoon of April 4. Four papers were presented:

Michael Luden
Translation Problems in Dialogue and Narration in Usagi Doroppu (Bunny Drop) (Prof. Naomi Fukumori)

Mack Lorden
Internet Chinese and a Sense of Identity (Prof. Xie Zhiguo)

Morgan Brenner
South Korean Humanitarian Aid to North Korea: A Means of Political Persuasion (Prof.  Young-Bae Hwang)

Alina Kordesch
Loss of Face: An Analysis of Social Face in Japanese (Prof. Mineharu Nakayama)

After much deliberation, the judges (Professors Kirk A. Denton, Heather Inwood, and Jianqi Wang) awarded the William Jefferson Tyler Memorial Award for best paper to Alina Kordesch. DEALL congratulates all the students for their research work and for sharing it with the DEALL community.