Chinese Flagship Program students invited to major international event, featured by media

January 22, 2014

Six Chinese Flagship Program students, accompanied by Professor Galal Walker; Mr. Xuezhou Yu (Visiting faculty), and Ms. Sunny Zong (Program director), made a trip to Las Vegas January 7-9, not to try their luck at the tables, but to assist the Haier Corporation in product presentations at the International Consumer Electronics Program in Las Vegas. Haier, the world’s most recognized brand of Chinese consumer electronics, paid all travel expenses. To make it even sweeter, the students gained valuable first-hand experience working with Chinese business and putting their language skills into practice.

The six Flagship students are Mac Carr, Briun Greene, Tina Li, Mack Lorden, Nick Pochedly, and Joel Poncz. The trip was reported in several venues, including The Columbus Dispatch and OSU's Arts and Sciences Website.