DEALL collaborates with OU Center for Southeast Asian Studies to win Department of State Award for Critical Language Scholarship Institutes

November 7, 2012

Collaborative effort between two Ohio universities will impact 645 students over three years through intensive language and culture institutes in China, Japan, Korea, and Indonesia starting in summer of 2013. Dr. Galal Walker (Professor of East Asian language pedagogy and Chinese) is the PI and Dr. Mari Noda (Professor of East Asian language pedagogy and Japanese) is the co-PIs of  the Collaborative Agreement with US Department of State's Educational and Cultural Affairs for the implementation of the seven institutes in these countries with funding of more than $3.2 million per year for a three-year period. Other DEALL personnel in the team are: Dr. Xiaobin Jian (associate professor of Chinese), Dr. Danielle Pyun (associate professor of Korean), Dr. Chris Farrar (consultant to the Chinese Flagship Program), Ms. Sunny Zong (Chinese Flagship program manager), Ms. Zhiwei Bi (K-12 program manager of the Chinese Flagship Program). The OU members of the team are: Dr. Christine Su (director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Ohio University) and Ms. Diane Cahill (Center for International Studies of Ohio University). The team has enjoyed the able support of Ms. Christine Hamble (Office of Sponsored Projects) for proposal development. The team acknowledges with the gratitude the support of the College of Arts and Sciences and its Divisional College of Arts and Humanities.

This projects builds on DEALL's work in the fields of language and culture studies as well as in language pedagogy. OSU Qingdao Center and the China Gateway were a significant asset in the pursuit of this award. The OSU-OU team will collaborate with seven local institutions of higher educations to run the CLS institutes. Information about the CLS Program program is available at CLS Program

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