DEALL, EASC promote Chinese language and culture at local workshops

February 16, 2014

DEALL and the East Asian Studies Center (EASC) collaborated and gave lectures on Chinese culture and language at two workshops in February 2014. The first workshop was “A Cross-Cultural Experience at The Ohio State University,” organized by the Columbus Council on Word Affairs and cosponsored by DEALL, EASC, and the Fisher College of Business on February 12. About 60 local high school students who are going to China in March attended the event. Dr. Mark Bender gave two lectures, “How to Make Friends or at Least Not Offend Anyone in China” and “The New, New China” to prepare the students to properly interact with the Chinese people and to give historical background for their experience in China. One of our graduate students in Chinese pedagogy, Ms. Bing Mu, also gave a “Mini Chinese Lesson” and engaged students in her dynamic and fun lesson for 15 minutes. After the lesson, Ms. Donna Nesbitt, who is the Education Consultant at the Columbus Council on World Affairs and the organizer of the event, told us that she was amazed how Ms. Mu got the students hear and use the tones correctly! On the following day, DEALL, EASC, and the China Gateway sponsored another Chinese culture workshop. This time, Ms. Mengjun Li (pictured), a Ph.D. student in Chinese literature, delivered a lecture on Chinese culture and language to the 30 students and accompanying faculty from the OSU Jazz Ensemble and OSU Dance Department who will visit China over Spring Break. Again, the event was very well received by the participants. Mr. Bob Eckhart, the director of the American Language Program and the organizer of the trip, told us that, “I loved that presenter! I really enjoyed her presentation style and really would love to present with her sometime!” Many people and units on campus and in the community are interested in Chinese culture, and they appreciate the expertise that DEALLers share with them.