DEALL Graduate from 40 Years Ago Visits

July 23, 2015
Prof. Huang Weiliang

DEALL had the pleasure of welcoming Prof. Huang Weiliang (Wong Wai-leung), a 1976 graduate of DEALL.  Prof. Huang spent 5 years studying for his doctorate in Chinese Literature with Professor David Chen.  As one of the first doctoral graduates from DEALL, he later spent over 20 years as a professor at the prestigious Chinese University of Hong Kong, later teaching at Taiwan University.  The author of 20 books and numerous articles, Prof. Huang is presently a visiting fellow at the University of Macao.  While at DEALL Prof. Huang took course work from many of the early DEALL professors, including Li Tien-yi, Frank Hsueh,  Yan-shuan Lao, and Eugene Ching.  The OSU visit is one stop on a trip from Hong Kong to Boston and around the eastern US.  He was accompanied to DEALL by his wife, young son, and a family friend, all of whom were impressed by the OSU campus.  The family was welcomed to DEALL by department chair Mark Bender, and professors Galal Walker and Xiao-bin Jian.