DEALL honors student receives Fulbright Scholarship

April 29, 2014
Jennifer Mayer

Jennifer Mayer is a senior Honors student majoring in Chinese and Political Science with a minor in Theatre, graduating summa cum laude in May 2014. Her journey to the Fulbright began when she studied abroad in Beijing the summer after her freshman year, which piqued her interest in China and international affairs. Since that time, Jennifer has been a research assistant in the political science department, where she looked at Chinese domestic politics and economics. Jennifer has also researched educational inequality in conjunction with the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, which she sees first hand through volunteering with Healthy Asian Youth in Columbus. Jennifer also completed an internship in the intelligence community on Asian security issues, filling critical intelligence gaps using her international affairs knowledge and Chinese language skills. After four years of study and use of Mandarin, she hopes to confirm and improve her language skills while in Taiwan as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. Jennifer plans to return to school for dual master's degrees in international affairs and economics, which she hopes to complete in mainland China. Eventually, Jennifer plans to work as an international policy analyst, specializing in East Asia.