DEALL PhD Program has 100% Job Placement for 2015 Graduates

May 8, 2015
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DEALL has a very strong PhD graduating class this year.  100% of DEALL PhD graduates have already found positions.  The list is as follows:

He, Man, Chinese Literature, Assistant Prof.,  Williams College
Tim Thurston, Chinese Literature (Tibetan), Post-Doc Smithsonian Institute
Seth Goss,  Japanese Linguistics, Assistant Prof.  Emory University
You, Ziying,  Chinse Literature, Post-Doc., Wooster College
Seth Wiener.  Chinese Linguistics, Assistant Prof., Carnegie Mellon University
Ying Liu.  Chinese Pedagogy, Assistant Prof., Zhejiang University, China
Zhini Zeng (summer 2015)  Chinese Pedagogy, Assistant Prof.,  Mississippi University.
Two more DEALL Phd's who held one year positions 2014 found tenure track positions:
Mengjun Li,  Chinese Literature, Assistant Prof., Puget Sound University
Yang Jia,  Chinese Pedagogy, Assistant Prof., Dayton University

DEALL wishes to extend congratulaitons to all of these graduate students.