Li wins Top Prize at the Japanese Speech Contest

March 9, 2015
Cong Li

DEALL Graduate Student LI Cong (Advisor Galal Walker) won the First Place in the 16th Annual JASCO Japanese Speech Contest held on March 7th. In addition, DEALL freshman Pallavi RAO won the Judges Special Prize by the Consul-General of Japan. Both are studying Japanese in Level Three Japanese course with Teppei Kiyosue and Karen Curtin. Li's speech was entitled 匠の魂 (Takumi no Tamashī, 'The Soul of Craftsmen') and Rao's spoke on the topic 新世界へ (Shin-Sekai e, 'To a New World'). They represented OSU as members of the ten finalists who delivered their speeches at the event, held at Dublin Recreation Center. It was the 16th Japanese Speech Contest. 

Congratulations, Li-san and Rao-san!