New Student Group "Literature and Folklore in Greater China (LFGC)"

October 3, 2016

"Literature and Folklore in Greater China (LFGC)" is an organization initiated in November 2015 and is officially registered in May 2016 by graduate students from East Asian Languages and Literatures, Comparative Studies, and East Asian Studies Center, currently advised by Dr. Kirk Denton. LFGC organizes reading groups, online discussions, research workshops and guest lectures. It also sponsors events that focus on the study of local, ethnic, traditional, and modern literary texts or speech events in and beyond China. Wenyuan Shao, Mario De Grandis and Kati Fitzgerald will serve as LFGC officers for the 2016-17 academic year. They are organizing two events this semester, "Article Preparation Workshop" and "Connecting with Colleagues," for the purpose of sharing academic work with interested parties and extending group members' professional network. To subscribe to LFGC mailing list, please contact Wenyuan Shao at LFGC website is

LFGC meeting