Professor Yuasa's new edited volume comes out

November 30, 2013

Individualized Instruction in East Asian Languages, edited by Professor Etsuyo Yuasa, was published from OSU’s Foreign Language Publications. The volume presents both case studies of and issues in individualized instruction at the college level and proposes individualized instruction as a promising new possibility for East Asian language pedagogy. The volume include three chapters by DEALL faculty: “Materials Development for Individualized Instruction” by Professor Mari Noda, “Individualized Korean Language Instruction for a Mixed Class of Heritage and Nonheritage Learners” by Danielle Ooyoung Pyun, and “Meeting Diverse Needs: Individualized Instruction for Introductory and Advanced Japanese” by Professor Etsuyo Yuasa. Three former DEALL students also contributed to the volume: Professor Matthew B. Christensen at Brigham Young University wrote about “Chinese for Special Purposes: An Individualized Approach,” Professor Sanae Eda at Middlebury College “Learner Development: Transition from Regular Instruction to Individualized Instruction for Advanced Learners of Japanese,” and Ms. Hiroko Morioka Baker “Technology and Individualized Instruction.” These chapters demonstrate how the East Asian language programs at OSU, Brigham Young University, and the University of Kansas have adopted individualized instruction and address how individualized instruction may be introduced into different language levels, domain-specific courses, and classes with both heritage and nonheritage learners. In addition, these chapters also examine the transition from regular instruction to individualized instruction, as well as the materials and technologies used in individualized instruction.