Former DEALL Chair Dr. Hsueh's Memorial to be Held in Reno, Nevada

September 20, 2015
Prof. Hsueh in his office on 9/29/1986

Former DEALL chair, Prof. Feng Sheng ("Frank") Hsueh passed away in a hospital near his home in Reno, Nevada on Sept. 6, 2015.  He was surrounded by his wife Daphne, and two children.  Frank was 83 and was DEALL chair from 1986 to 1995 at DEALL-OSU.

New GREALL Officers 2015

September 14, 2015

We are the new GREALL officers for this academic year.  Upon request, we are planning to have both academic and fun (not-so-academic) activities this semester (Please mark your calendar!).

Chinese Folklore Scholars Visit Historical Chillicothe

August 5, 2015
visiting scholars

On July 29, 2015 DEALL chair Mark Bender escorted a group of four visiting scholars from China on a tour of historical sites in Chillicothe, Ohio.  Zhang Yingying, Linli Chen, and Xiangzhen Li are visiting scholars in DEALL working on PhD level Chinese folklore projects.


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