Yutian Tan

Ph.D. student
Graduate Student

Yutian Tan is a PhD candidate in Chinese Linguistics in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (DEALL). Her research interests primarily focus on Chinese dialectology, especially in standard Cantonese (spoken in Hong Kong and Guangzhou) and other nonstandard Cantonese varieties. Her dissertation project conducts a classification study on a nonstandard Cantonese variety (Siyi Dialect) by employing a quantitative approach.

Yutian have been working as a graduate teaching associate in DEALL since Autumn 2011. She is currently teaching Chinese 1103 (Level 2, Classroom Track). She will teach Chinese 4301 (Conversational Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers I) in Spring 2016, together with Litong Chen, under the supervision of Professor Marjorie K.M. Chan.

Yutian is currently (2015-1016 academic year) a graduate student senator in the University Senate, representing the Council on Graduate Student (CGS) and serving on two committees: Senate Advisory and Council on Academic Affairs (CAA). During the past few years, Yutian has also served as President and Vice President for two registered student organizations: Graduate Students of East Asian Languages and Literatures (GREALL) and Graduate Association of Chinese Linguistics (GACL).

Please visit Yutian's website: http://u.osu.edu/tan.279/

Areas of Expertise
  • Chinese dialectology
  • Language classification, quantitative methods in linguistics
  • Historical linguistics
  • Applied linguistics and second language acquisition
  • MPhil in Linguistics. 2010. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • BA in Chinese Linguistics. 2008. Peking University

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