Zeyuan Wu

Ph.D. Student
Graduate Student

Zeyuan Wu is now working on a Master Degree in pre-modern Chinese literature. Her current research focuses on the lyrics and the singing performance at feasts in medieval China. 

Wu is especially interested in the poetry from the Han Dynasty to the Song Dynasty. She also shows a particular interest in the relations between traditional Chinese music and literature. Having been studying Qin 古琴 since a young age, she has collated Chongxiu Zhenchuan Qinpu 重修真傳琴譜, a collection of Qinpu written and compiled by Yang Biaozheng 楊表正 in the Ming Dynasty, involving not only musical scores, but also lyrics, musical theories, “Li Yue 禮樂” culture, and other historical materials. The collating work was completed at Nanjing University as part of her BA thesis. She also learned Kunqu Opera 昆曲in Nanjing, and is able to read Gongche notation 工尺譜.

She works as a teaching assistant in Chinese Individualized Instruction, teaching Chinese from level one to level three. 

Areas of Expertise
  • Chinese Literature
  • B.A., 2013. Nanjing University

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