Zhiguo Xie (解志国)

Associate Professor in Chinese

Spring 2018 Office Hours:  10~11:30am Wednesdays

My research concentrates on exploring what natural language utterances mean and how their meaning is derived from the structural representation. Within this broad research program, I am particularly interested in pursuing the question of how comprehensive empirical description and precise theoretical analysis of language data inform each other. My current research projects include studying modal expressions and degree constructions in (Mandarin) Chinese and comparing them to related phenomena in other dialects and languages. I also have a secondary research interest in the qualitative study of bilingualism and how certain bilingual phenomena may inform formal linguistic theory. My research has been published in such scholarly journals as The Linguistic Review, Journal of East Asian Linguistics, Studia Linguistica, Language and Linguistics, Lingua Sinica, and so on. For more information about my research and publications, please visit my website.

I teach both graduate-level and undergraduate-level Chinese linguistics courses, along with an undergraduate general education course in traditional Chinese culture.  Below is a list of courses that I offer at OSU:

Chinese 2231: Traditional Chinese Culture (Undergraduate; offered once every year)
Chinese 4380: The Chinese Language (Undergraduate: offered roughly once every two years)
Chinese 4383: The Chinese Language and Its Script (Undergraduate: offered roughly once every two years)
Chinese 5387: Bilingualism in the Chinese Contexts (Undergraduate/Graduate; offered roughly once every two years)
Chinese 5389: Topics in the Chinese Language (Undergraduate/Graduate; offered occasionally)
Chinese 7384: Chinese Syntax (Graduate; offered roughly once every tw years)
Chinese 7386: Chinese Semantics (Graduate; offered roughly once every two years)
Chinese 8384: Studies in Chinese Historical Syntax (Graduate: offered occasionally)
Chinese 8897: Department Seminar (Graduate; offered occasionally)
EALL 8870: Research Presentations in East Asian Languages and Literatures (Graduate; offered occasionally)

I advise undergraduate, master's, and doctoral students. I welcome graduate applicants who are interested in Chinese syntax, semantics, syntax-semantics interface, sociolinguistics, and bilingualism involving Chinese. 

Areas of Expertise
  • Chinese Linguistics
  • Ph.D., Linguistics, 2011, Cornell University
  • M.A., Linguistics, 2005, Syracuse University
  • B.S. & B.Engr., 2001, University of Science and Technology of China

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