Etsuyo Yuasa (湯浅悦代)

Associate Professor in Japanese and Director of the East Asian Studies Center

Prof. Yuasa's current research focuses on the interaction between syntax and semantics, exceptions/idiosyncrasies in grammar, and individualized instruction. Her book, Modularity in Language: Constructional and Categorial Mismatch in Syntax and Semantics, was published from Mouton de Gruyter in 2005. She also edited and published Pragmatics and Autolexical Grammar: In Honor of Jerry Sadock (edited with Tista Bagchi and Katharine Beals, John Benjamins) in 2011 and Individualized Instruction in East Asian Languages (Foreign Language Publications) in 2013. Her recent articles include "A Multi-modular approach to gradual change in grammaticalization" with Elaine Francis (Journal of Linguistics 44, 2008) and "From the core to the periphery: The tense system in Japanese" (Japanese Language and Literature 42, 2008). She is the director of the East Asian Studies Center and the Japanese Individualized Instruction Program. She teaches 5th Year Japanese (Japanese 5103.51~5104.51), Intensive Japanese Grammar (Japanese 5315), Pedagogical Syntax (EALL 7701), and Syntax Seminar (Japanese 7384) on a regular basis.

Areas of Expertise
  • Japanese linguistics
  • Ph.D., linguistics, 1998, The University of Chicago

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