Pil Ho Kim Published an Article and Presented a Paper

Pil Ho Kim presented a paper, “In the Liberation Village: The Cinematic Landscape of Early North Korean Refugees” at the 50th annual meeting of Association for Asian Studies (AAS) in Toronto, Canada on March 16. He was the organizer and chair of the AAS panel, "Remembrance of Neighborhoods Past" in which the paper was delivered. On June 16, he gave the same presentation at the 6th Conference on Korean Screen Culture in Hamburg, Germany.
In May 2017, Kim published an article, "Guns over Rice: The Impact of US Military Aid on South Korean Economic Reconstruction", International Development Cooperation Review 9, 33-50. Also in May (12-13th), he served as a faculty mentor at the 5th International Conference of NextGen Korean Studies Scholars (NEKST), sponsored by the Nam Center for Korean Studies, University of Michigan.