China Global May


The Ohio State Global May Study Abroad program in China will enable students to experience a diverse and dynamic mix of ethnic, rural and urban cultures in the historic and geographically varied region of southwest China. Students will gain first-hand insight into the diversity of China and how specific local cultures are affected by rapid social and environmental change. Experiential observations, including lectures, discussions and field experience, will enrich the program. Students will gain practical experience and awareness of the multi-cultural nature of China and the many issues surrounding its diversity from the stance of folklore and the environment. This program is specifically designed for first and second-year students of any major who are interested in learning more about the diverse cultures and global significance of China.

Field trips and experiential learning are vital components to this study abroad program. These field learning experiences will feature urban and village cultures, ethnic tourism venues, multi-cultural marketplaces, religious sites, local festivals, NGOs, ethnic minority artisans, museums, schools and national parks.