Etsuyo Yuasa Presented 2 Papers and Gave 6 Lectures

Etsuyo Yuasa presented two papers in Spring 2017: "実践的文法指導トレニングのニズとポイント [Teacher training for grammar instruction]" at the 2017 AATJ Annual Spring Conference, Toronto, Canada; and “Bringing the world to classrooms: Training teachers for global learning” at the 2017 NAFSA Association of International Educators Conference, Los Angeles. 

In June 2017, Etsuyo Yuasa was invited to Rikkyo University in Tokyo, Japan and gave six lectures: “学教育におけ際化、地域究、外育:アメリカ事情 [Internationalization, area studies, and foreign language education in higher education in the United States]”; “オハイオ州立大における際化、地域究、外育の試み [Internationalization, area studies, foreign language education at The Ohio State University]“; “Study abroad and living/working in the United States”; “アメリカオハイオ州立大の外 [Foreign language education in the United States and at The Ohio State University]”; “Performed-culture approachの理論的背景と [Theoretical background of the performed-culture approach]”; and “Workshop: Performed-culture approach.”