Professor Chan E. Park's recent performance and publications


Professor Chan E. Park of DEALL performed her bilingual adaption, “Hare Returns from the Water Palace,” from the p’ansori Song of the Underwater Palace, at the 10th Anniversary of the Korean Traditional Performing Arts Center, also Commemoration of the Korea-Canada 50-Year Diplomatic Ties, Vancouver, British Columbia, June 30, 2013.

Chan E. Park edited with Introduction and Commentary Songs of Thorns and Flowers: Bilingual Performance and Discourse on Modern Korean Poetry Vol. 4: Sunlight In A Distant Place: Selected Poems by Hong Yunsook, translated by Brother Anthony of Taizé. Foreign Language Publications, 2013.
Chan E. Park has a paper published in Korean Studies 2013: Vol. 36, pp. 123-144. The paper is entitled “Flow and Irony: Locating Literary Modernity in Hahn Moo-Sook’s Retrospective Gazes.”

Chan E. Park has 2 reviews published in 2013 Yearbook for Traditional Music, pp. 278-279. The reviews are: “Corée: L’art du Sanjo d’ajaeng par Kim Young-gil” & “L’art du Sanjo de Geomungo par Lee Jae-hwa”.