Statement to condemn racism toward our Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities  

As scholars of East Asian languages and literatures, as colleagues, friends, neighbors, and family of Asian and/or Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, and as Asian identifying individuals ourselves, the faculty of the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures condemns in the strongest possible terms the racist violence toward Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander individuals and communities, which has witnessed an unfortunate and dangerous rise recently in the United States. Racism is a destructive force that tears away the fabric of our shared humanity and our bond as a community. Just as we do not tolerate any forms of racism or discrimination against any groups of people, we do not tolerate any forms of racism against Asians, Asian Americans or Pacific Islanders, may it be in speech, action, or attitude. We are determined more than ever to bring the perspectives of East Asia to Ohio State, Ohio, and the country to expand our collective understanding and to train our students to navigate the interconnected world, both locally and globally, through our research and teaching of East Asian languages and literatures. We stand in solidarity with our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities and will take individual and departmental action to report instances of Anti-Asian racism on campus.