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Teacher Training Chinese/Japanese

Graduate Credits / Non-credit/ Class Hours/ Participants' Feedbacks

Teacher Training Chinese/Japanese
Time: June 6 (Tuesday) - July 21 (Friday), 2017
Location: Columbus, OH

The Training Programs for Teachers of Chinese and for Teachers of Japanese are intensive four-week programs designed to develop participants' language teaching skills through lectures, discussion, and observation of classes and practice teaching in a parallel language program of SPEAC. Both programs aim to develop competency in the performed culture approach to East Asian language teaching. Participants in the two teacher-training programs share some of the lecture hours but work in separate sections for language-specific work. Participants are required to have a high level of competency in both the target language (Chinese or Japanese) and English

Graduate Credits and Non-credit Options

Teacher Training program consists of graduate-level course components and is integrated with a parallel intensive language program.  Both non-credit and credit options are available.

EALL7700 (2/1 credits for beginning/intermediate levels):
Learning East Asian Languages in Cross-Cultural Context: College level.  Special attention will be given to the challenges of inculcating and assessing performative knowledge of East Asian languages, which are linguistically and culturally distant from American English.

EALL7703 (2 credits for beginning level): Presentation of East Asian Languages: College level.  Lectures and discussions to consider material selection and use, pacing, and presentation of aspects of language and culture.

EALL7704 (2/3 credits for beginning/intermediate levels): Practicum in East Asian Languages: College level.  This course is hands-on training through observation and participation in the teaching of SPEAC's intensive language courses.

Some of the EALL7701 and EALL7703 classes and most of the EALL7704 classes are conducted in the target language.

For more detailed course description visit the SPEAC information page.

Class Hours
Four to five hours daily, approximately two hours for lectures and discussions; two to three hours for teaching preparation and practice, observation of teaching, and practice teaching.

Please Note
Applicants should have a high level of competency in both the target East Asian language and English.

The Teacher Training Program in Chinese/Japanese, directed by Professor Mari Noda of the Ohio State University, is taught by a group of experts on the performed-culture approach to language teaching.

Participants' Feedbacks
"This program was one of the best experience of my life.  The teachers were excellent, and I was able to become friends with the entire class.  I am definitely going to come back in following summers."

"I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I signed up for this program.  The outcome was the amazing part.  I truly have confidence in my speaking ability."

"An excellent program overall.  I would highly recommend it over any other programs."

"Teaching real college students was a great opportunity to develop my teaching skills."